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Mills Hayes
Theashionna Owens

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Abbey O’Brien
Jaclyn Lee

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Chuck Ringwalt
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Mackenzie Roberts
Tabitha Corley

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Joe Bruno
Kyle Cline

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Emily Palmer
Kalina Harrison

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Lauren Brigman
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Kathleen Brown
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Dannika Lewis
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Kevin Kline
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Matthew McClellan
Adam Rhew

2013 winner

Joe Bruno
Joe Bruno holds his award for the Dr. John R. Bittner Scholarship at the RTDNAC Student Workshop on Feb. 12, 2013.

Joe Bruno
Elon University

Joe Bruno, a junior at Elon University, was elected to the news director's position at Elon’s "Phoenix 14 News" as an 18-year-old sophomore and continues to serve in that position. Upon taking the reins, Joe took on the task of leading the student staff through a complete rebranding and overhaul with a goal of revitalizing Elon's local newscast.

Joe led his staff through coverage of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte in the summer of 2012 and seven-hour live election coverage in November in addition to other major news events.

His leadership has contributed to the growth of Elon's news organization, where more than 60 students have now signed on as members. Joe’s is from Pottstown, Penn.